Immunis Inc. Advances as Finalist in Octane High Tech Awards for Pioneering Work in Cellular Secretome Therapies

Immunis, Inc. Recognized as a Finalist in the Octane High Tech Awards for Best Emerging Technology Company


Immunis, Inc., a pioneering entity in the biotechnology landscape, has achieved a significant milestone by being named a finalist in the prestigious Octane High Tech Awards (HTA) in the category of “Best Emerging Technology Company.” This recognition highlights the company’s innovative contributions and leadership in the biotech sector, reflecting its dedication to transforming healthcare through cutting-edge technology and breakthrough therapies.

Leading the Charge in Cellular Secretome Therapies

Immunis is at the forefront of cellular secretome therapies, focusing on combating age and disease-related immune decline. Their research and development efforts are particularly centered on addressing muscle atrophy associated with knee osteoarthritis (KOA). Muscle atrophy in KOA patients leads to reduced muscle mass, impairing function and exacerbating knee pain and stiffness. Currently, there are limited clinical treatments available to reverse muscle loss, presenting a significant unmet medical need.

Immunis aims to fill this gap with their innovative secretome-based treatments. These therapies offer a promising new approach by utilizing all-natural, human immune modulators at physiological concentrations to potentially reverse muscle atrophy and improve patient outcomes. Their commitment to this novel therapeutic pathway distinguishes Immunis from other contenders, making them a standout in the HTA finalist roster.

Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

The company’s dedication to innovation and improving patient care has propelled it to the final evaluation round of the HTA. Mark Cabato, Chief Business Officer of Immunis, presented the company’s advancements and future vision to the HTA judges in August. Following this detailed session, Immunis was recognized as a finalist, with the winners set to be announced at an exclusive ceremony in September.

Statements from Immunis

A spokesperson for Immunis expressed pride in the recognition, stating, “Being named a finalist is a significant honor for us. It reflects our relentless team’s dedication to advancing healthcare through our groundbreaking secretome products. Our mission is clear – to enhance the quality of life for countless individuals worldwide.”

About Immunis, Inc.

Immunis, Inc. is a private biotechnology company dedicated to developing innovative immunomodulatory secretome therapies to address the complex challenges of age and disease-induced immune decline. Their pioneering product leverages secretome technology to deliver all-natural, human immune modulators in their innate physiological concentrations. For more information about their ongoing Phase 1/2a clinical trial and other initiatives, please visit Immunis Biomedical Clinical Trials.

By embracing the potential of secretome therapies, Immunis is not only advancing scientific understanding but also paving the way for new treatments that could significantly impact the lives of patients with KOA and other conditions. Their recognition by the Octane High Tech Awards underscores the transformative potential of their work in the biotechnology field.

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